SER 290 : Pre-Internship Planning Workshop

In this interactive workshop, students research and select an appropriate agency site for their required Human Services internship. Considerable attention is paid to examining one's own values and motivations, determining preferred work style and setting, and selecting desired client population(s). Actual agency visits and in-person interviews with prospective internship supervisors are required. A significant amount of out-of-class time is needed for interviews, tours, orientations, and/or screening that are an important part of most agency's intern selection process. Pre or co-requisite: SER 251 or SER 261 or permission of the program director. One lecture hour per week.
Students will refine their own self-awareness and values clarification skills in the preliminary part of this experience, as well as later skills in job-seeking, informational interviewing, time management, paperwork compliance and deadlines, and other career related competencies.





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