SER 251 : Generalist Practice in Human Services

This course examines the dynamics of the helping relationship and focuses on developing and practicing essential clinical skills utilized by human service professionals when working with individuals, families and groups. Students will examine social and cultural influences, theories, and diversity issues related to the interview and assessment process and apply human service knowledge and values while developing and practicing interviewing and assessment techniques in micro, mezzo and macro settings. Prerequisite: SER 101 and PSY 101 or concurrent enrollment in PSY 101. Three lecture hours per week. Gen Ed Competency met: Oral Communication
Students who successfully complete this course will be able to: 1. Demonstrate basic interviewing, assessment, and counseling skills necessary to build and maintain effective relationships with clients. 2. Practice effective verbal and non-verbal communications skills in a professional setting. 3. Demonstrate cultural competency when working with a variety of client populations. 4. Define the components of the professional relationship. 5. Conduct an effective helping interview. 6. Evaluate techniques for improving interviewing and assessment skills.





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