HOS 265 : Special Event Planning Capstone

Every aspect of the Hospitality Industry holds special events. This course will provide the student with the opportunity to demonstrate skills learned through all the program courses. Students will work on planning two different events, one as a stand alone event at the college and the second in conjunction with the Culinary Capstone courses. Prerequisite(s): HOS 121, HOS 137. Pre or co-requisite HOS 255. Three lecture hours per week. Instructional Support Fee applies.
During and/or upon completion of this course, utilizing correct quiz or test responses and/or by practical demonstrations, according to the grading standards of the instructor, the College and accepted professional industry standards, while demonstrating sufficient mastery of the subject matter, the students will be able to: 1. Identify and explain the dimensions of an Event Experience 2. Develop a site plan based on the physical space to maximum effectiveness and meet goals and objectives 3. Determine awards, souvenirs, and promotional materials appropriate for a specific event 4. Select an appropriate food and beverage menu based on the budget and preferences of the client 5. Document and explain the best practices for maintaining event plans and evaluation