HOS 226 : Hotel Accomodations Management

Students will gain an understanding of the operational aspects of various departments within a hotel or motel, and the relationship of each department to the hotel as a whole. They will explore the functions of each separate area within the hotel, its operational procedures, staffing, customer service, and changing trends. Also covered will be the different employment opportunities and career paths available within the industry. Three lecture hours per week.
  1. Explain the economic significance of the hospitality industry to a nation's economy.
  2. Describe the differentiated market segments within the accommodations sector.
  3. Identify the chain of command of a typical hotel and explain the operational departments within a property.
  4. Define and explain why team spirit is critical for successful accommodation guest services.
  5. Describe the security issues in the accommodations sector of the hospitality industry.
  6. Be eligible for an entry-level front desk position at a hotel.
  7. Describe the importance of high-level service to a hotel.
  8. Educate on the importance of operating accommodations in a sustainable manner.
  9. Apply current technology in hotel and motel management operations.