HOS 223 : Convention Sales and Services

This course will teach students the basic elements of meeting, convention, and group sales and services. Students will learn how to generate business and to provide the services necessary to create repeat business. Discussions will focus on the operation of a group and convention business. Recommend MAR 101 first. Prerequisite: HOS 137 with a grade of C+ or higher. Three lecture hours per week.

Recommended Prerequisites:

  1. Describe the importance of the Meetings and Convention Industry to a city and state.
  2. Analyze target markets that would be interested in a particular convention center.
  3. Step into a meeting and convention support position at a hotel or meeting facility.
  4. Research meeting and convention leads in support of the Convention Center sales team.
  5. Implement a Green Meeting strategy.
6. Apply current technology and social media in meeting and convention sales and service.