HST 252 : African-American History

This course examines the history, traditions, and culture of African Americans, beginning with African civilizations before slavery, the slave trade, slavery in the United States, and the various stages in the development of African American history. Students use the historical information to understand the current world, to appreciate the richness of beliefs, values, and traditions of people from diverse groups, and to heighten awareness of how power is wielded in society. Three lecture hours per week. Competency met: Multicultural Perspective (5.3), Social Phenomenon (5.4), Humanities (6.0) Spring
  1. Examine the complex and diverse cultures and societies of the indigenous peoples of pre-contact Africa.
  2. Describe and assess the origins and impact of the slave trade and slavery on American society.
  3. Analyze and assess the ways that African-Americans have altered and shaped the social, cultural, and political mosaic of the United States.
  4. Explain and evaluate the evolution of race relations throughout American history.
  5. Apply the tools gained from the study of the past to an analysis of the present and prediction for the future.
  6. Explain how an understanding of the history of African-Americans makes students better citizens in an increasingly complex world.