HLT 124 : Basic Pharmacology for Health Sciences

This course is designed to familiarize the student with basic medications administered and prescribed in the modern medical office. Students will learn basic pharmacology and dosage calculations for administering routine medications. Topics will include terminology, definitions, abbreviations, drug classification, prescription and drug forms. Common drugs used, actions, side effects and adverse drug reactions, an overview of immunizations and common emergency drugs will be introduced. Prerequisite: BIO 115 or BIO 154; pre-or co-requisite: BIO 234. Three lecture hours per week. Instructional Support Fee applies.
1. Implement safety measures and adhere to drug regulations when handling medications. 2. Understand terminology and abbreviations used in pharmacology. 3. Recognize the various classifications and usages of medications. 4. State the purpose of and mode of action of the various categories of drugs. 5. Discuss the side and adverse effects of the most common drugs. 6. State the rules of various routes of drug administration. 7. Initiate patient education regarding drug specifics. 8. Compute drug dosages accurately using the metric system. 9. List emergency drugs found in an emergency box. 10. Define drug abuse and ramifications. 11. Name the vaccines used across the life span.