HLT 112 : Nurse Aide Training

The course prepares students for employment opportunities in nursing homes, home care, and hospitals. Nurse Aide Training teaches basic nursing skills through classroom lectures, the practice of skills in a fully equipped nursing laboratory, and clinical placements in healthcare settings. Successful completion of this course will allows students to take the state certification examination. Clinical experiences are scheduled days, evenings, and weekends following successful completion of the lecture and laboratory components. Prerequisite: To be eligible to take this course, students must have a high school diploma or GED. Four hours of lecture and four hours of laboratory per week and 30 clinical practicum hours following successful completion of didactic instruction. Instructional Support Fee applies.
Graduates will be able to safely perform the following patient care activities:
  1. All activities of daily living.
  2. Accurate monitoring and documenting of vital signs.
  3. Safely transfer, move, and position patients.
  4. Monitor nutritional intake and use acceptable feeding techniques.
  5. Monitor skin integrity.
  6. Recognize and report client’s spiritual needs.
  7. Perform CPR and First Aid.
  8. Provide respectful end of life care.