HLT 106 : Medical Language

This course is an introduction to the language used in the medical and allied health professions. Terms that identify diseases, disorders and conditions as well as diagnostic and treatment procedures are introduced and correlated to the function and anatomy of the various body systems. Pronunciation is emphasized. Students learn word building, commonly used abbreviations, and the use of medical dictionaries and other reference materials. Three lecture hours per week. Instructional Support Fee applies.
  1. Identify the major components of medical terms, including prefix, suffix, and root.
  2. Apply the principles of building medical terms using the major component of prefix, suffix, and word root.
  3. Spell, pronounce, and define medical terms.
  4. Identify work parts and correctly use the term to complete a statement.
  5. Analyze medical terms and categorize by body systems.
6. Apply the rules for using singular and plural endings.





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