FIR 157 : Leadership and Command

This course assists fire company officers and potential fire company officers and firefighters for supervisory functions of command, planning, organizing, staffing, directing and fire ground control leadership and command procedures. This course is intended to give the student an insight into being an effective fire company officer with emphasis on leadership qualifications and effective command procedures. Competency met: Ethical Dimensions (7.0) Fall, Spring

  1. Prepare future firefighters to assume responsibilities that are required for a command position in the fire service
  2. Prepare firefighters and fire officers to assume leadership roles in the fire service
  3. Prepare firefighters and fire officers in classic supervisory functions of planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and fire ground control procedures
  4. Prepare fire officers in communications, i.e., they must be able to listen as well as give directions – becoming aware of contemporary concerns of human relations
  5. Prepare fire officers to exercise increased emphasis on Professional Development, the health and safety of the individual under their command
  6. Prepare fire officers on their legal responsibilities to the general public and to the individuals under their command
  7. Prepare fire officers to teach, instruct, and guide individuals under their command
  8. Prepare fire officers in enforcing department rules and regulations and have a detail knowledge of disciplinary procedures
  9. Demonstrate the basic views of leadership and various leadership styles
  10. Instruct fire officers in the elements of management particularly the position in middle management
  11. Prepare fire officers in their task as organizational motivators
  12. Prepare fire officers for the position in Incident Command procedures require during fire ground operations
  13. Prepare fire officers in the procedures for problem-solving
  14. Raise the level of competence of fire officers at the time they are promoted to a new position
  15. Prepare the firefighter to serve as a company officer prior to promotion rather than on the job training
  16. Prepare fire officers for further career development
  17. Prevent culture shock of an untrained manager being required to serve as a manager without the necessary skills
  18. Prepare the company officer to be a member of the management team and to support management and their discussion





Degrees/Certificates That Require Course