ENG 283 : Creative Writing Seminar

Intense practice in writing prose or fiction. This seminar may focus on any of the following according to the instructor's expertise: short stories; longer fiction (novels/novellas); screen writing; biography (including memoir or autobiography) and other writing forms (experimental fiction, graphic novels, hypertext, etc.). A background in writing fundamentals related to the seminar's focus will be included. Readings may be assigned to provide theory and models of the form being written. Prerequisite: ENG 102 or permission of the instructor. Three lecture hours per week. Gen. Ed. Competencies Met: Human Expression. 3 credits Not offered every year.
  1. Analyze and develop their own creative writing process.
  2. Write within genres designated by the instructor, according to his or her expertise (novel, short story, flash fiction, etc.).
  3. Explore their voice and style as an author
  4. Recognize how their own personal experience can influence their fictional works, and find a comfortable balance between truth and fiction.
  5. Explore and practice the use of fictional elements (point of view, character development, plot, theme, etc.) within a story.
  6. Use sensory detail and vivid imagery to bring a piece of fiction to life.
  7. Use appropriate literary terminology in discussions of both published and peer writing.
  8. Present their manuscripts in a professional format.
  9. Gain confidence and recognize the value of sharing their work with fellow writers.
  1. Discuss the work of others with insight and professionalism, as part of a writing community.