ENG 258 : Shakespeare: His Plays

This writing-intensive seminar focuses exclusively on the comedies, histories, and tragedies of William Shakespeare. Historical and biographical contexts are considered as students examine the texts from diverse critical perspectives. Writing assignments included analysis of filmed interpretations, live performances, and/or literary criticism. Students may be required to attend one live Shakespearean performance during the semester. Prerequisite: ENG 102. Three lecture hours per week. Gen. Ed. Competencies Met: Human Expression. 3 credits Spring
1. Critically read a Shakespearean play and accommodate for the nuances of Shakespearean grammar. 2. Distinguish between a history play, a comedy, and a tragedy. 3. Analyze and respond to filmed and live performances of these plays. 4. Evaluate literary criticism and determine its usefulness in literary studies. 5. Apply both analytical and reflective rhetoric in prose and oral communication. 6. Explain the impact of historical and biographical events during his life on the development of his plays.