ENG 092 : Composition I Studio

This course is designed to accompany ENG101:Composition I College Writing. Students enrolled in this course should also be enrolled in ENG101, with the same instructor. Course content of Composition I Studio is designed to supplement classroom activities and assignments in ENG101. Students will generate and organize ideas, draft, revise and edit writing. They also practice reading and writing processes to build reading and information literacy skills for integration into their ENG101 writing projects. Instruction is offered through small groups and one-on-one conferences. ENG092: Composition I Studio may not be used to meet General Education English requirement, nor do the credits apply toward a degree. Grade point earned in this course will not be computed into the student's GPA. Prerequisite: appropriate scores on the college’s reading and writing placement exams, or ESL portfolio assessment. Co-requisite: designated linked ENG 101 course. Three lecture hours per week. Instructional Support Fee applies. 3 credits Fall, Spring, Summer



1. Read and write using a process 2. Annotate readings 3. Write to a particular audience and for a particular audience 4. Write focused pieces in paragraph and essay forms 5. Identify structural patterns and main ideas for written response to readings 6. Develop written ideas in an organized way with details, examples, logic and evidence for writing responses 7. Apply principles of grammar, usage, syntax, mechanics and academic vocabulary in an appropriate and meaningful manner