ENG 091 : Integrated Reading & Writing

This course is designed to develop critical thinking by integrating reading, writing, and learning strategies. Emphasis is placed on critical reading skills necessary to understand complex college-level texts and write in response to them. Using a theme-based approach to readings, coursework will encourage students to read closely and independently in order to comprehend, summarize, analyze, and make connections between texts. Students will respond to reading through writing assignments that demand practice of paragraph and essay structure, as well as integration of quotations and citations in MLA format. Fundamental writing skills such as punctuation, sentence structure, and word choice are also covered. ENG 091: Integrated Reading and Writing may not be used to meet the General Education English requirement, nor do the credits apply toward a degree. Grade points earned in this course will not be computed into the student's GPA. Six lecture hours per week. Instructional Support Fee applies. 6 credits Fall, Spring, Summer.
1. Employ a reading and a writing process, including pre-reading and pre-writing strategies, through drafting and revision. 2. Recognize structural patterns in a text and annotate to identify main ideas both explicit and inferred. 3. Summarize and synthesize information found in multiple sources. 4. Analyze audience, purpose and voice as both a reader and writer. 5. Respond to reading through writing, including essay form that organizes ideas into body paragraphs to support a purposeful thesis. 6. Support ideas with relevant evidence from both real-world experience and texts, integrating quoted information and using MLA citation format. 7. Correct common grammatical and syntax errors using Standard Written English. 8. Demonstrate the ability to use digital tools and technologies for reading and writing tasks.