Offshore Wind Power Technology Certificate

Program Goal Statement

This certificate program is aimed towards preparing technicians and skilled workers for the offshore wind industry. Participants will learn topics in electrical machinery, fluid systems, operations and maintenance, and offshore safety and survival and will gain hands-on experience on assembly, installation, and maintenance of wind power systems. The program also enables participants to study wind turbine performance characteristics in a wind tunnel to make them conversant with wind turbine operation and need for maintenance.

Hints for Success

Successful completion of this program requires participants to be able to identify the challenges with offshore wind turbines O&M and design cost-effective and practical solutions.

After Bristol

Graduates will have the option to enhance their qualification by enrolling in Associate in Sciences programs at Bristol, enroll in GWO certifications, and apply to work as offshore wind turbine technicians.

Total credits:

Course Sequencing


Academic Area

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Degree Offered

Certificate of Accomplishment in Offshore Wind Power Technology

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Program Contact

Adrienne Foster Scharf
Dean of STEM


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