ECE 292 : Supervision and Personnel Management in Early Childhood

This course focuses on basic supervision and leadership styles. Supervisors of early educators learn how to promote professional development and mentor diverse staff through ongoing reflective supervision. It emphasizes techniques in staff development analysis and the enhancement of interpersonal communications, organization, supervisory styles, as well as, within the context of parents and the community. This course meets Department of Early Education and Childcare (DEEC) standards for Director II Certification in Early Childhood programs. Pre or co-requisite: ECE 252 or ECE 253, or permission of program coordinator. Three lecture hours per week. 3 credits Fall
1. Apply information from early childhood education regulations and policies to inform decisions on hiring, supervising, and evaluating educators. 2. Create developmentally and culturally appropriate early childhood professional development trainings. 3. Identify community resources for purposes of staff support and professional development. 4. Evaluate an educator’s performance and make recommendations for improvement and/or professional development. 5. Demonstrate the skills necessary to effectively communicate with children, staff, parents, and the community.