DHG 242 : Clinical Dental Hygiene IV

This course is a clinical practicum that provides the opportunity for further development of the clinical practice of dental hygiene in preparation for licensure. The focus is on the development of advanced clinical dental hygiene practice where students apply integrated, multi-disciplinary learning and a higher order of critical thinking to ensure the delivery of optimal patient care. In addition, through service-learning rotations, students gain additional clinical experience in the delivery of care for patients with special needs. Prerequisite: DHG 233 and second semester sophomore standing. Fourteen laboratory hours per week. Instructional Support Fee applies.
1. Traditional methods of familiarizing dental hygiene students with community-based outreach methods are useful in the dental hygiene curriculum 2. The dental hygiene community outreach efforts can be enhanced with SL 3. SL has the potential to enhance students’ educational experience and to affect the oral health of the public in a positive fashion 4. SL emphasizes partnership stability, which results in continuity of services that contribute to the success of SL programs 5. SL challenges students and compels them to become more active in their learning 6. Student can tailor their own learning experiences so they improve in areas that are important to them 7. SL transforms the learning experiences for dental hygiene students and the oral health of the community





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