DHG 122 : Clinical Dental Hygiene II

This course is a clinical practicum in which the student provides direct patient care that incorporates the principles of instrumentation and the dental hygiene process of care. Emphasis is placed on patient assessment, dental hygiene treatment planning, and implementation of care. Prerequisite: DHG 113. Nine class hours per week. Instructional Support Fee applies. 2 credits Spring; Day only
1. Develop a thorough knowledge of the parts and sequence of a dental hygiene appointment. 2. Develop more advanced instrumentation skills. 3. Continue to develop knowledge and skills in preventive services, to a patient. 4. Develop communication skills with patients and members of the dental team. 5. Incorporate ideal principles of dental hygiene care into a clinical practice environment. 6. Continue to develop knowledge of ethical issues in dental hygiene. 7. Acquire and synthesize information in a scientific and effective manner. 8. Continue to develop the knowledge, skills and values of the profession. 9. Systematically collect, analyze, and accurately record baseline data on the general, oral, and psychosocial health status of patients using methods consistent with medico-legal principles data of the patient on the computer and paper form 10. Discuss the conditions of the oral cavity; identify actual and potential problems, etiological and contributing factors and available treatments. 11. Provide treatment that includes preventive and therapeutic services designed to achieve and maintain oral health and assist the patient in achieving oral health goals. 12. Evaluate the effectiveness of planned clinical and educational services and modify as necessary. 13. Demonstrate knowledge and skill in applying dental hygiene methodology of care to a varied patient population in the dental hygiene clinic and other practice settings. 14. Evaluate the effectiveness of planned clinical and educational services and modify as necessary. 15. Develop and evaluate a preventive dentistry program for a patient with either dental caries risks and/or periodontal risks. 16. Utilize dental software, computers and data entry in the practice of dental hygiene





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