DHG 119 : Head and Neck Anatomy

A study of the structures of the human head and neck. The normal anatomy and physiology of the various systems which are present in the head and neck are described in order to enable the students to better recognize abnormal conditions. The study of the head and neck anatomy as it relates to dentistry is stressed. Prerequisite: Open to DHG students only. Two lecture hours per week. Instructional Support Fee applies. 2 credits Fall; Day only
1. Integrate the function and anatomical relationships within the head and neck region in the provision of dental hygiene care. 2. Identify and integrate the relationship between the oral cavity and the head and neck regions to the rest of the body. 3. Apply the understanding of neurobiology to the practice of dental hygiene. 4. Utilize information and knowledge gained from this course in critically analyzing and developing clinical treatment skills.





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