CUL 256 : The Capstone Experience for Bakers

This course is the capstone course for Culinary Arts majors and culminates in the presentation of the Senior Recognition Dinner. Students develop a menu, determine the nutritional analysis for the menu, and plan and execute the plate presentations and beverage services. Students complete their Culinary Arts Personal Portfolio by the conclusion of this course. In conclusion of this course, Baking and Pastry students will have accumulated a minimum of 125-150 practicum hours. Students must have completed or be concurrently enrolled in all courses required for graduation or permission of the program coordinator. Three class hours per week. Spring


CUL 251 with a grade of C- or better or permission of the program director.
  1. Research and create a gourmet dessert buffet menu consisting of: Chocolates and candy confections, three breads that differ in flavor, texture and presentation, a sorbet to complement and enhance the dinner menu, a selection of petit fours or mini pastries, and a selection of cakes and entremets that complement the dinner and dessert menu.
  2. Plan and design the presentations used in a full buffet menu and a final menu presentation.
  3. Create and photograph an acceptable tray/plate setup for desserts and showpieces.
  4. Present and serve a dessert buffet with individual desserts and cut pastries appropriate to the event.
  5. Establish the method of service appropriate for the menu.
  6. Decorate and present showpieces or table amenities using one or more of the following media: Sugar/Chocolate/Pastillage/Ice/Gumpaste.
  7. Determine the nutritional value of each portion of dessert.
  8. Establish the cost for each item on a 10-person recipe and individual portion basis, utilizing acceptable commodity ordering sheets.
  9. Pass the final PRACTICAL exam.




Instructional support fee applies.

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