CUL 241 : Foodservice Operations and Career Development

In this course students design a complete food-service or bakery operation. This introduces the student to the information necessary to start and run a successful restaurant and/or bakery. Students develop a concept, business plan, conduct a market analysis, plan a menu, recipe costing, write purchase specifications, and design a facility that can adequately meet the project standards. Students create a yearly income balance statement that includes calculated food cost percentages, labor, and over-head expenses. Final project consists of written job descriptions, job specifications, as well as framework for the orientation and training program for their employees. Pre or co-requisite: CUL 216 or CUL 256, and MTH 115 or MTH 119 or MTH 125, or permission of the program director. Two class hours per week. Instructional Support Fee applies. 2 credits Spring; Day only
1. Develop a concept for a foodservice operation and use the parts of the concept to develop a business plan. 2. Plan and cost out a menu for a foodservice operation: design an appropriate kitchen layout to produce that menu, create a description for each job required for that kitchen, and outline a training program to train individuals for that job. 3. Identify the steps necessary to open a restaurant. 4. Explain the fiscal and legal roadblocks to owning a restaurant.





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