CUL 216 : Cuilnary Capstone Experience

This capstone course integrates all the skills and competencies needed to prepare a multi-course tasting menu in a fine dining environment. Students research and develop a menu, create recipes, and determine the cost of food and nutritional analysis. Students work as a team to create a unique theme for a special event dinner while planning and executing the food and beverage services. Successful completion of the practical exam, with a grade of "Pass" is required. Students complete their Career ePortfolio by the conclusion of this course. Participation in culinary functions is required. Prerequisite(s): CUL 111 or CUL 151. Three lecture hours per week. Instructional Support Fee applies.
1. Create a multi-course tasting menu for a fine dining event 2. Design a fine dining experience for guests in an upscale setting 3. Execute the food and beverage services for culinary events 4. Analyze the cost of food and nutritional analysis of a fine dining menu 5. Complete the Career ePortfolio 6. Pass the final practical exam





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