CUL 212 : Advanced Culinary Techniques II

This course applies the skills acquired in CUL 111 and CUL 112. The course applies a variety of International Cuisines studied through classroom lecture and practical work in the kitchen. In addition to the classroom participation in the evaluation of the products prepared, students also prepare food for sale in the Grady Dining Room for lunch one day a week. The course covers Asia, the Mediterranean/Europe, and the African continent. It requires participation in evening functions and continued development of the student's culinary portfolio. Prerequisite: CUL 211 with a grade of C- or better or permission of the program director. Three class hours and twelve lab hours per week. Instructional Support Fee applies.
  1. Demonstrate an academic knowledge of the history, geography, food ingredients and general characteristics of the International cuisines covered in this course.
  2. Prepare and present a variety of dishes from these regions.
  3. Create and execute an International Menu.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to mise en place and execute the various stations necessary to operate an a la carte kitchen.