CUL 152 : Essentials of Baking II

This course is a continuation of CUL 151 and focuses on laminated dough and pâté a choux as an introduction to classical pastries. The course introduces the preparation and use of custards, crème anglaise, and dessert sauces, and emphasizes the mixing methods, shaping, and portioning, filling, baking and finishing of cookies, petit fours, pies, and cakes. The course further emphasizes slicing, filling, and decorating layer cakes with a variety of decorating techniques, including icings and piping. This course requires participation in evening functions and continuation of the student's personal portfolio. It culminates in a final practical assessment which the student must complete with a "Pass" grade. Prerequisite: CUL 151 with a grade of C- or better or permission of the program director, and valid ServSafe Certification. Two class hours and eight lab hours per week. Instructional Support Fee applies.
1. Demonstrate the ability to prepare a variety of puff pastry products using laminated dough. 2. Demonstrate the ability to prepare and produce pie and sweet dough for the production of pies and pastries. 3. Demonstrate the ability to prepare a variety of cooked and baked desserts such as custards, cheesecakes, puddings and souffles. 4. Demonstrate the ability to mix, bake and decorate a variety of cakes using different methods and techniques. 5. Pass the Final PRACTICAL exam.