CUL 151 : Essentials of Baking I

This course teaches the principles of professional baking, including sanitation, safety regulations, and personal hygiene. It also expands on the use and care of the bakeshop utensils and equipment and the knife skills used in baking and pastry production. The course begins to examine the chemistry of baking through the preparation of quick breads, yeast dough, and Artisan breads. The course emphasizes yeast fermentation, ingredient functions, flavors, and bread baking. The course requires two seasonal projects and participation in the evening Culinary Arts functions. Students continue to develop their personal portfolios in this class. Prerequisite: ServSafe certified or concurrent enrollment in CUL 140. Grade of C- or better in CUL 100 or concurrent enrollment. Two lecture hour and four lab hours per week. Instructional Support Fee applies. 3 credits Fall; Day only
  1. Utilize the twelve steps of bread baking to demonstrate an understanding of the yeast bread baking process.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to mix, shape and bake a basic variety of lean, rich and laminated yeast dough products for foodservice outlets and decorative displays.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to produce Artisan breads utilizing pre-ferments and starters.
4. Design, prepare, bake and decorate seasonal decorative items for display.





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