CUL 113 : Baking Skills for Cooks

This course focuses on the baking skills cooks or chefs working in smaller establishments should possess, including breads and rolls, quick breads, pies, cookies and simple pastries, and basic cake decorating and seasonal items. One class hour and four lab hours per week. Fall, Spring; Day only.


Passing scores on the College Writing, Reading, and Arithmetic placement tests, or concurrent enrollment in or prior completion of ENG 090, ENG 091, ENG 092 or MTH 011, or RDG 080 or RDG 090, as applicable; ServSafe certified or concurrent enrollment in CUL 140.

  1. Demonstrate the ability to perform a variety of basic baking procedures in a commercial bakeshop/kitchen, including breads, pastries and cakes.
  2. Demonstrate the creativity and skill necessary to prepare, bake and decorate a seasonal holiday display item.




Instructional support fee applies.

Degrees/Certificates That Require Course