CUL 100 : Introduction to the College/Culinary Experience

This course facilitates the new Culinary Arts students’ transition to college and the Culinary Arts Program. This course provides students with academic planning and introduces them to the college’s resources and familiarizes them with the expectations, skills, and information necessary to succeed in the Culinary Arts Program. Students will learn professionalism, workplace-related life skills, and career exploration and development. As part of this course, students will begin their Career ePortfolio that will document their education. This course is part of a Learning Community with CIS 113 Hospitality Information Systems. Prerequisite(s): Open to Culinary Arts Students Only. Instructional Support Fee Applies. Gen. Ed. Competencies Met: Information Literacy and Written Communication. One lecture hour per week.
1. Outline the academic plan for a career in Culinary Arts. 2. Utilize time management skills in balancing academic, personal, and career activities. 3. Write a culinary resume. 4. Practice interviewing skills. 5. Identify the college's available resources to succeed in the Culinary Arts program. 6. Begin to work in a professional career ePortfolio that will demonstrate the student's achievements throughout the course of the program.





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