CRJ 115 : Report Writing and Information Systems

This course enables students to determine report content through collection, interpretation, and evaluation of data. Emphasis is placed upon interpersonal communication and its application in role-playing experiences in interviews and interrogations. Students complete many report-writing assignments, including operational and administrative reports. Implications of the individual report for an agency's total information capability are studied along with examination of several contemporary information systems, including the processes used for report review and control. Pre or co-requisite: ENG 101, and a grade of C- or higher in both CRJ 101 and CRJ 113. Three class hours a week.
1. Demonstrate proficiency through oral and written communication. 2. Acquire and analyze information from a variety of academic and professional sources in a critical and scientific manner. 3. Understand and explain the importance of ethics and ethical behavior in the achievement of justice within a diverse environment.