CIT 276 : Game Production

This project-oriented course brings together all components of the game development program to create a unique game. At the end of the course, students each have a game that they can show to prospective employers. Prerequisite: CIT 247. Two lecture hours and and four laboratory hours per week. Instructional Support Fee applies. 4 credits Spring
Students who successfully complete Computer Game Production will be able to:
  1. Understand the concepts of marketing a game
  2. Create a playable demo-grade game.
  3. Participate as a member of a team.
  4. Work in a team environment which integrates a variety of skills into the product production
  5. Understand the concepts of working in a team including skill balancing, delegation, team building, communication, asset management within a team, successful strategies
  6. Modify and implement a production plan
  7. Apply time and resource management principles to the development and production of games.
  8. Employ production schedules as part of the project management process.
  9. Maintain workflow documentation and production log.





Degrees/Certificates That Require Course