CIT 251 : Operating Systems Vulnerability Management & Risk

This course covers operating system security, including Internet and email security, border security, and wireless security. It also covers a variety of operating systems to assure that the student's knowledge extends to multiple platforms. Three lecture hours per week. Competency met: Technical Literacy (8.0) Fall


CIT 150 or permission of the instructor.

  1. Configure security for wireless interfaces in workstation operating systems.
  2. Configure security settings for browsers, VPN services and e-mail clients.
  3. Create a System Fault Tolerance and Disaster Recovery plan.
  4. Apply techniques to protect operating systems from malicious software and to recover from an attack.
  5. Implement Public Key and Private Key encryption methods.
  6. Implement and configure multiple factor authentication methods.
  7. Implement file and directory/folder security using group security methods.
  8. Implement and configure physical security for network, desktop and server operating systems, IEEE 802.11 and Bluetooth networking.  




Instructional support fee applies.

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