CIT 250 : Cyber Defense and Firewall Security

This course explores the role of firewalls in building a secure Local Area Network. Students learn how firewalls fit into network security, the role they play, and how they can be effectively combined with other security components to enhance network security. Topics include planning, installation, building, and maintenance of a firewall as well as decision-making and troubleshooting firewall issues. Three lecture hours per week. Competency met: Technical Literacy (8.0) Fall


CIT 150 or permission of the instructor.

  1. Understand and explain a firewall, how it works, why security is necessary and the cost factors.
  2. Describe the types of attacks on firewalls and network security and securing the network and its data.
  3. Use firewalls to protect networks from malicious software and to recover from an attack.
  4. Explain encryption methods and authentication methods and how they are used, as well as attacks on these methods.
  5. Explain and configure IP sub-netting.
  6. Discuss, explain and configure firewall policies.
  7. Implement firewall rules based on IP address, subnet, ports and protocols.
  8. Explain VPN types and uses and the TCP/IP “Three Way Handshake”.




Instructional support fee applies.

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