CIS 271 : Network Installation and Configuration Seminar

This is a hands-on capstone course. It covers installation and upgrade procedures for current server operating systems. An Internetwork is planned, designed, implemented, managed, and documented. The network includes print, file and web hosting services as well as other current network services. Prerequisite: CIS 231 with a grade of C or better; Pre or co-requisite: CIT 150 and CIS 232 and CIS 233, or permission of instructor. Four hours of lecture per week. Instructional Support Fee applies. Gen. Ed. Competencies Met: Information Literacy.
  1. Install and configure Windows and Linux servers in a multi NOS, multi-client OS environment.
  2. Install and configure a Linux and Windows workstation that can simultaneously access Windows and Linux servers via mounted or mapped drives.
  3. Work as an active member of a team to design, select, configure and troubleshoot the server, clients, and services including DHCP and DNS in a business environment.
  4. Design and implement the IP address structure, subnets, subnet masks, VLANS and addresses on hosts.
  5. Design and implement Active Directory services with primary and backup domain controllers.
  6. Research, describe and evaluate new technologies as they could be used for the current network environment.





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