CIS 270 : Systems Analysis and Design Seminar

Analyzing and designing effective business systems are the focus of this course. Emphasis is placed on today's tools for analyzing business problems, designing solutions and documenting the results. The student will learn the effective use of systems tools, the use and integration of microcomputer applications, the development of an effective database, and they will develop an understanding of the analysis and design processes. Pre or co-requisite: CIS 150 or CIS 152 or CIS 159 or permission of the instructor. Three lecture hours per week. Instructional Support Fee applies. Gen. Ed. Competencies Met: Information Literacy.
  1. Do a preliminary and detailed analysis of a basic business problem using a variety of tools.
  2. Use a variety of tools to logically analyze business issues as part of the process of designing a computerized solution.
  3. Design a computerized solution including input, output, data and processing.
  4. Present the analysis and the design.
  5. Document the system effectively.
  6. Design and explain the testing and implementation of the system.
  7. Present an online portfolio of their work that can also be used in job searches.