CIS 133 : UNIX/Linux System Administration I

This course covers the installation, administration and maintenance of a UNIX/Linux file server. The required hardware, system and network configurations will be discussed. Both LAN and WAN connections to the server will be covered before the installation procedure is presented in detail. Starting, controlling and shutting down the server will be covered, and each student will have hands on experience with their own server. User administration, as well as the UNIX/Linux file system organization and security features, are introduced after the student servers are functioning on the network. Process, mail management and performance tuning issues are also discussed near the end of the course. The course will use a computer lab where each student will have individual access to a UNIX/Linux server. Prerequisite: CIS 132 with a C or better or permission of the instructor. Instructional Support Fee applies. Gen. Ed. Competencies Met: Information Literacy. 3 credits Fall
  1. Install a Linux Operating System.
  2. Locate and use Help Resources in the Linux System.
  3. Effectively use Linux commands at the bash shell to manage users, groups, file system security, cron, sudo and to install packages.
  4. Use YaST to manage system components of the Linux Operating System including network settings and print servers.
  5. Share and secure shared folders on a server by configuring NFS Server and NFS client.
  6. Configure and manage NIS.





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