CIS 113 : Hospitality Management Information Systems

This course will give the student basic computer skills in operating systems, word processors and spreadsheets. In addition, the student will learn to use the Internet as a tool for searching and for e-mail. The student will be introduced to the wide variety of support software that is available to automate many functions that must be performed. The student will learn to evaluate the functions and processing in hospitality software packages and to make knowledgeable decisions about these packages. The student will work hands-on with software packages to better understand their functions and capabilities. Instructional Support Fee applies. Gen. Ed. Competencies Met: Information Literacy.
1. Understand the tremendous impact of technology on the hospitality industry and how this great, driving force can be used for competitive advantage in the hospitality industries. 2. Use end user applications to produce various documents that assist in management. 3. Work with a variety of computer essentials that are important to the hospitality business. 4. Analyze networking and security needs and their impact on the processes within a hospitality organization, specifically food services. 5. Work with and understand the impact of e-commerce on the hospitality industry and the use of the Internet to promote restaurant businesses. 6. Understanding the impact of different management systems in hospitality. 7. Work with technology to develop critical thinking skills and develop the skills needed to grow with technology within the hospitality industry.