CIS 106 : Operating System Scripting

This course teaches the student how to plan, write, and debug scripts for the purpose of automating operating system tasks. Topics include use of parameters, string comparison testing, piping, input and output redirection, file manipulation, use of environmental variables, looping, if tests, running a script from a script, and using shift. One hour of lecture per week. Fall, Spring


CIS 121 with a grade of C or better


CIS 120, or permission of the instructor.

  1. Design, develop, test and document batch files to effectively solve computer related problems.
  2. Effectively generate and control batch-file messaging.
  3. Successfully manipulate data extracted from either a command or a text file within a batch file.
  4. Implement IF/Then logic to control the flow of a batch file.
  5. Select and utilize the appropriate loop control to solve a problem which requires repetition.
  6. Identify and use at least three methods to schedule/automate a batch file.




Instructional support fee applies.

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