COM 159 : Video Field Production and Editing

Students learn basic concepts of digital video field production and editing and gain hands-on experience through assignments that take them from initial planning of a project through location shooting and final editing. The course addresses preproduction planning, shot composition, lighting and audio on location, and linear editing concepts and techniques. Emphasis is on pre- and post-production planning and editing and project completion. Students prepare their projects for distribution through different forms of media and uploading to the internet. Pre or co-requisite: ENG 101. Three lecture hours per week.
  1. Operate television studio and field equipment.
  2. Describe fundamental principles of television production.
  3. Define a target audience.
  4. Write scripts for specific assignments that address message, audience, and goal.
  5. Edit video using non-linear techniques.
  6. Create video assignments that reflect the ethical standards discussed in the course.
  7. Manage projects using operating systems.
  8. Assemble projects using different forms of media.
9. Assess other projects based on criteria discussed in the course.