COM 112 : News Writing and Reporting

Students learn principles and practices of news writing and reporting for contemporary media. The course examines the fundamentals of good journalism, the role of reporters and editors in the news organization, and decision-making in the newsroom. Students analyze the qualities of good news writing and develop their skills in writing leads and organizing stories. The course explores differences in reporting for print, broadcast, and web-based media, and examines how reporters cover the news on beats and specialty areas such as general assignment, police and fire, city hall, sports, health, and politics. Students consider issues related to ethics and fairness and the impact of media consolidation and rolling deadlines on news content. Prerequisite: ENG 101. Three lecture hours per week. Instructional Support Fee applies. Gen. Ed. Competencies Met: Critical Thinking, Information Literacy and Written Communication.
1. Explain the traditions and practices of good journalism. 2. Describe the structure of specific types of stories and analyze key elements of a story. 3. Demonstrate news writing skills utilizing the qualities of good writing as it relates to contemporary media. 4. Discuss ethical and fairness issues related to the practice of contemporary news media, including an examination of the basic legal parameters within which reporters and editors function. 5. Conduct a structured interview for a writing assignment. 6. Analyze the impact of media consolidation on editorial freedom in the newsroom and recognize the impact of emerging technologies on the operation of news organizations.





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