CHM 090 : Introduction to Chemistry

This course is designed for students who have not studied chemistry in high school or need a refresher introductory chemistry course. Topics under the description of CHM 111 will be covered, but somewhat less in depth. Three lecture hours and three laboratory hours per week. Instructional Support Fee applies. Note: CHM 090 cannot be used to meet the General Education Science requirement nor does it carry degree credits. Grade points earned in this course will NOT be included in GPA calculations.
  1. Record and analyze scientific measurements.
  2. Classify and differentiate matter by composition and properties.
  3. Describe and explain atomic structure and its relationship to the periodic table.
  4. Identify and name compounds based upon the type of bonding and describe the process of ionic and covalent bond formation.
  5. Categorize and complete chemical reactions and represent them with balanced chemical equations.
  6. Explain relationships among moles, particles and mass and perform stoichiometric calculations using balanced chemical equations.