BUS 253 : Corporation Finance

A study of the forms and sources of financing available to large and small business. Emphasis is placed on financial analysis, financial planning, working capital management and source of short- and long-term financing. Basic concepts of investment analysis are introduced. Prerequisite: ACC 102 or ACC 101 with a C or better and permission of instructor. Recommend MAN 101 first. Three lecture hours per week. 3 credits Spring

Recommended Prerequisites:

In addition to fulfilling the learning objective stated at the beginning of each covered chapter, the student should have a basic understanding of: 1. The function of financial managers. 2. How to compute ratios and use ratio analysis. 3. Understand the importance of cash flows to the financial manager. 4. Time value of money. 5. Interest rates, bond valuation, and stock valuation. 6. How to use net present value and other investment criteria. 7. The importance of capital budgeting. 8. Short and long term financing.