BUS 201 : Inventory and Warehouse Management

This course covers the various indispensable strategic and operational roles of inventory and warehousing management for the successful operations and management of the Supply Chain. The extended impacts of inventory and warehouse to distribution operations and delivery of excellent customer service and profitability are examined in details. Challenges of inventory in various conditions, packaging, handling and storage are covered. The course also examines the contributions of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in ensuring effective management of inventory and warehousing. Furthermore, the distribution centers’ linkage to warehousing and crucial attributes of connectivity through different modes of transport to delivering real time value to supply chain customers, will be explored. The course will use OER as a resource for teaching and learning. Gen. Ed. Competencies Met: Critical Thinking, Ethical Dimensions, and Oral Communication.
1. Build a wide-ranging knowledge of the theoretical foundations for effective inventory and warehousing management. 2. Acquire analytical skills relevant in practical operations and management of inventory and warehousing for successful delivery of excellent customer service in the supply chain. 3. Develop competences to proffer sustainable solutions to challenges related to distribution centers and transport linkages to deliver value to clients.





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