BUS 115 : Fundamentals of an Enterprise

This course is designed for students in majors other than Business Administration such as Information Technology, Health Sciences, and Engineering, who will likely be working within a profit or not-for profit enterprise. Topics such as global operating environments, economic systems, organizational structure, and management systems will be discussed. This course is not open to students majoring in Business Administration. One lecture hour per week.
1. Understand, define and grasp key terms and principles involved in the components of business. 2. Obtain a broad understanding of business and be able to employ strategies for making timely, and profitable decisions within an organization. 3. Learn processes and techniques used in various business organizations. 4. Explain how factors of culture, economics, legal requirements, political activity, technology, the internet and the news media affect the operation of organizations in a global environment. 5. Describe the key actions to be taken to effectively and efficiently utilize organizational resources to achieve stated purpose and goals. 6. Demonstrate leadership and develop a professional growth plan for lifelong learning In addition to fulfilling the learning objectives stated at the beginning of each covered chapter, a student should also be able to: 1. Provide an understanding of business basics 2. Generate an understanding of ethics in business 3. Create an appreciation for the role business plays in a global economy 4. Develop an understanding of the basic business functions of management, finance, marketing, human resource management, production, operations management, economics, and consumer behavior 5. Learn how to perform critical thinking when making major business decisions 6. Enhance business communication skills through the use of written and verbal exercises 7. Develop an appreciation for contemporary issues and potential future business trends