BUS 114 : Small Business Planning Workshop

This is an introductory course to familiarize the student with the critical aspects of small business planning through the development of a business plan. It is recommended for any individual who would like to learn, hands-on, how to start a business properly. Topics presented include the basic procedural steps to forming a business, innovative marketing strategies, the borrowing/lending process, and QuickBooks overview. Upon completion, all participants will have completed a solid business plan. One hour of lecture per week over twelve weeks.
1. All students will be actively engaged in the procedural steps to starting a business. 2. Upon completion, all students will have written a solid business plan. The business plan encompasses key elements to properly forming a business including: Business structure, organization name, trademark, insurance, accounting, legal, and marketing considerations. 3. By the end, they will have gained valuable insight into the complex steps of starting a business.





Degrees/Certificates That Require Course