BIO 140 : Nutrition for Culinarians

This course emphasizes the principles of nutrition and the health-related roles of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. The course also covers energy metabolism, food-product labeling, and nutritional requirements throughout the lifespan. Various eating behaviors, recommended dietary intakes, and tools for diet and menu planning are explored. Class projects will include: students keeping a record of their food intake then analyzing it for nutritional adequacy and using nutrition analysis software to adjust recipes to make them more healthful. This course is intended for students enrolled in the Culinary Arts degree program. Prerequisite: Culinary Option: CUL 112; Baking Option: CUL 152, or Permission of the Program Director. Instructional Support Fee applies. Gen Ed Competency Met: Scientific Reasoning and Discovery.
Student Learning Outcomes 1. Students will read current media articles related to nutrition and use the steps in the Scientific Method to determine the validity of the presented information. 2. Students will read, discuss and conduct research about foods and their effect on health. 3. Students will focus on health-related dietary recommendations. Students will record a two day food recall, and perform a nutritional analysis. 4. Students will be given a project-based workshop to familiarize them with standardized recipes that they will analyze and revise to meet nutritional criteria. 5. Students will compare the taste, texture and desirability of the revised product. 6. Students will study how nutritional requirements change throughout the human life cycle. They will learn about Basal Energy Expenditure and Body Mass Index. 7. Students will be given the opportunity to follow an exercise program to reduce their Body Mass Index.





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