ART 292 : Design Studio

This course provides students with hands-on opportunities to apply the design and production skills they have gained to real-world web and print projects. The class functions as a design studio with a creative director, art directors, designers, copywriters, illustrators, photographers, and production staff. Students learn and apply practical skills related to design studio work, including meeting clients, creating design briefs, creating budgets, projecting costs, and developing projects from initial research through brainstorming, thumbnails, comps, and final production (pre-press for print projects, publishing for Web projects). Students work in typical design studio teams to integrate their application of these issues with their design and production work to create client-driven projects. Pre or co-requisites: ART 262 or ART 267 or ART 271 or ART 276 or COM 112 or CIT 132 or permission of instructor or program coordinator. Three critique hours and three studio hours per week. Instructional Support Fee applies. Gen. Ed. Competencies Met: Human Expression.