ART 275 : UI/UX Design: Responsive

In this hands-on studio course, students will explore user-centered interface and design strategies for the delivery of intuitive and engaging responsive websites. Covers user definition, content development, information architecture (IA), and user testing. Emphasizes strategies for UI/UX design, such as site maps, wireframes, prototypes, usability testing, and iterative development. Offers students an opportunity to create a semester-long portfolio-level project through completing a series of assignments. As part of this course, students will explore and bring these elements together with a cohesive vision, and will prototype, document, and present their project according to current professional practice. Prerequisite: ART 260 and ART 271 or permission of Program Coordinator or instructor, recommend ART 261 and/or ART 266 first. Three lecture hours and three laboratory hours per week.
1. Apply frameworks and terminology to analyze and evaluate responsive web applications. 2. Utilize current tools and methods used in the design of responsive web sites. 3. Apply heuristics that help guide UI design decisions for web for user-centered design. 4. Utilize the basics of usability testing and reporting to apply usability principles and guidelines in iterating on a project. 5. Utilize criteria for creating professional documentation, that is essential to communicating and promoting design recommendations to stakeholders in professional practice.