ANS 205 : Clinical Methods

This course is an introduction to clinical skills consisting of both lecture and laboratory work. Veterinary nursing procedures and teamwork will be thoroughly discussed. Lecture topics include physical examinations of domestic animals, animal behavior and training, nutrition, animal diseases, preventive health care and immunity, restraint/handling, and client education/communication. Laboratory experiences include restraint, physical examinations, parenteral medication administration, and other clinical nursing skills. Medical terminology will be reinforced in all aspects of lecture and lab. Two lecture hours and three laboratory hours per week. A passing grade of a C (73) or better in the laboratory portion of this course is required to receive a final passing grade for the course. Prerequisite(s): ANS 121 with a grade of C or better; Co-requisite(s): ANS 108, ANS 147, and ANS 153.
1. Utilize OSHA safety guidelines in the laboratory and in medical waste disposal. 2. Create SOAP notes. 3. Give a generalized physical exam, taking histories, temperature, pulse, respiration, etc. 4. Demonstrate proficiency in wound care, bandaging, CPR, and rescue breathing. 5. Acquire skills in blood collection and hematology analysis. 6. Demonstrate proficiency in vaccine administration and associated documentation procedures. 7. Perform urinalysis and apply to health evaluation. 8. Acquire skills in fluid therapy administration. 9. Understanding of principles and practices of dentistry. 10. Apply client skills and animal handling skills in a clinical environment.





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