ANS 153 : Animal Health and Diseases

This course is designed to introduce the veterinary assistant to the nature of health versus disease and many common diseases encountered in veterinary practice. A systems approach is used, and students are encouraged to bring questions from the work experience to class. Within each system, congenital, infectious, traumatic, and other disease processes are explored as are the diagnostic and therapeutic approaches appropriate to each system. Prerequisite(s): ANS 115 with a grade of C or better; pre or co-requisite(s): ANS 108. Three lecture hours per week.
1. Understand what health is, signs of a healthy animal, factors that effect health, and management procedures to insure health of animals. 2. Develop skills in recognizing signs that may indicate disease or illness. 3. Acquire a baseline knowledge of common animal diseases, their signs, diagnostic procedures, and accepted treatments. 4. Participate in case study and antidotal scenarios to apply reason and knowledge in the assessment of health.





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