ANS 147 : Veterinary Office Procedures

This course provides a fundamental knowledge of the administrative aspects of working in a veterinary practice. Topics include veterinary practice ethics, staff roles and limitations, professionalism, front office duties, communication skills, marketing, accounting systems, and veterinary practice computer software experience. A training certificate by Animal Care Technology Programs is available with successful completion and testing in this course. Three lecture hours per week. 3 credits Fall



1. Implement rules of ethical and professional conduct, decision making, appearance, and communication in the classroom setting. 2. Discern the delineation and overlap of duties within a veterinary facility. 3. Triage phone calls for all clients, as well as, communicate and problem solve accurately, politely, and with respect. 4. Display confidence in handling difficult clients and financial issues. 5. Explain the staff's role and impact on marketing. 6. Utilize Cornerstone software to: add/update clients/patients, create and customize an estimate, Invoice the client, create a recheck appointment and take a payment.





Degrees/Certificates That Require Course