ANS 115 : Community Health and Zoonosis

This course introduces the basics of disease transmission with particular emphasis on disease transferred from animals to humans. Topics include zoonotic diseases, modes of transmission, symptoms, and personal protection of animal care technicians through immunization. Upon completion, students should be able to discuss zoonotic diseases and the animal care technician's role and responsibility related to the control of such diseases. A training certificate by Animal Care Technology programs is available upon successful completion and testing in this course. A passing grade of a C (73) or better in the laboratory portion of this course is required to receive a final passing grade for the course. Pre or co-requisite(s): ANS 107. Two lecture and three laboratory hours per week.
1. Understand the development of modern zoonosis recognition and testing through historical perspectives. 2. Acquire an understanding of the relevant zoonosis, their signs, diagnosis, treatments, and control practices. 3. Acquire clinical skills in flea detection, fecal analysis, gastrointestinal parasite identification, and bacterial culturing and identification.





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